Donerail Farm

An assortment of Faeryn photos. :)
Click HERE to see "just born" pictures.

(About five days old here. First time out.)

What IS this scary thing????

(About five days old here, on her first outing into the big outdoors.)

Aw heck, this thing isn't so scary after all!

Ten days old here.

It's really hard to catch action shots with a cheap digital
camera! Most of my shots were nice expanses of green,
with no Faeryn anywhere to be seen! ;)

Her teeth are already coming in and she's chewing on everything... :)

Faeryn is getting her butt scratched here..the
top lip poked out and
the eyes partially closed
are signs of a "blissed out" pony! She's three
weeks old here.

She looks pretty balanced here, at three weeks. She
also actually TROTS. Fling, her full sister, NEVER
trotted at this age - she had two speeds - full out and
standing still. On August 2
she goes to her ISR/Oldenburg inspection. Fortunately it is very close to home - but we have to at least take her on one short trailer ride beforehand!

(Three weeks old here.)
Faeryn is fascinated by, and frustrated with our various barn cats...

she is dying to see one up close, but try as she may, she can't manage t
to make contact.... I am sure the cats are calling her "the stalker." Here,
she tries to "make contact" with Pumpkin...

(Three weeks old here.)

And here, she's trying to convince a wary Momcat that

she just wants to say "Hi."

(Three weeks old here.)

And Momcat beats a hasty retreat before Faeryn's
curiosity is completely satisfied..