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Flashy Frostfire
(Inschallah Afis X Cinder)

Frostfire's Performance Record

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
2nd Place, Half Arabian Hunter Pleasure

Numerous wins and placings in dressage.

American Horse Show Association
Horse of the Year Awards, Zone 7
Reserve Champion, Half Arabian Hunter
3rd place, Half Arabian English Pleasure 
6th place, Half Arabian Western Pleasure

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
Champion , Half Arabian Western Pleasure ATR

Numerous wins and placings in hunter, show hack, western pleasure and dressage.

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
Champion, Half Arabian Country English Pleasure, AOTR

Numerous wins and placings in hunter, western pleasure, show hack and dressage.

                                         Frostfire as a seven-year-old



Frostfire was a greenbroke three year old when he joined our family in 1983.  Frostfire was truly a "horse of a different color." A crop-out overo paint, he was sired by a gray Arabian, and out of a grade mare.  Since he was gray, you couldn't really tell he was a paint until he was wet -- and then he looked blue!  He also had one blue eye and a wild calf face -- all of which became less and less noticeable as Frostfire aged and his coat got lighter and lighter gray.

I started training with Dinah Babcock, a dressage trainer in Alvin, Texas in 1985.  Our dressage training helped us garner championships in both English and Western divisions at recognized Arabian shows. We never trained with an "Arabian" trainer.

Although dressage was not Frostfire's favorite pasttime, he performed well enough to be competitive in open, all-breed dressage shows, against imported warmbloods.

There are really no words to describe Frostfire. He was my first "show horse" and we had to learn the ropes together. He was brave, (except where pigs were concerned!) confident, extremely intelligent, and blessed with a wicked sense of humor. In the warmup ring, he could be quite naughty  -- until he went through the in-gate of the main arena.  Once he trotted confidently through those gates, he was all business because he knew it was showtime -- and that THIS was the only arena where his performance "counted."  He loved showing in rail classes. He loved the applause of the audience and showing off. He was just amusing himself  in the warmup!

Frostfire was featured in the May, 1989 Equus magazine in Dr. Deb Bennet's column, "Conformation Analysis."  Of Frostfire, Ms. Bennet said: "This gelding is a fine individual with few flaws worth mentioning." 

I couldn't agree more.

Unfortunately, I had to say goodbye to my best friend on May 17, 1991. But he lives in my heart forever.

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