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    Flying Colorz
2000 Oldenburg cross pinto filly
Frohwind X Sonnys Mona Lisa
Born August 5, 2000

Fling went to the ISR/Oldenburg inspection on Oct. 5. Despite being the youngest foal there, at just two months, she scored a premium (8.0) for conformation and correctness, 7.5 for movement and 7.5 for overall impression. She was also very unimpressed by the 1-1/2 hour trailer ride and the strange place. While the other foals were "velcro-ed" to their moms during their presentation, Fling cruised around the arena and checked out the crowd!

Here's the very first photo ever taken of Flying Colorz! The spots don't show up very well in this picture! This is three weeks after conception.

The spots show up better here!  "Fling" is about two hours old here. It took me that long to gather my wits enough to think about taking pictures! Not bad considering I'd been up all night! ;-)

I'm a week old now and I've figured out how to use my legs!



Bubba the barn cat was a pretty good midwife. Here he is surveying his handiwork. Good job, Bubba!

About three weeks old here.

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    Boy, standing up is hard work!