Donerail Farm
(this section under contruction)
Donerail Farm is located in Alvin, TX. The farm sits on just under 12 acres and is home to our six horses and seven (more or less!) cats. 
Exterior Shots of the House
They're coming! Old photos of the exterior can be seen at the Interior link.
Interior of the House
The original house was built in the fifties and was extensively enlarged and remodeled in 1984. Mike and I  purchased it in May of 2002 and have been working on it ever since!. Although the house needed a lot of cosmetic work when we bought it, it has a lot of charm and wonderful historical and architectural features we loved. . In two years, I've repainted/re-wallpapered every room except the ones that are paneled. The biggest project so far has been the den - it's been completely remodeled and you'll find 'before' and 'after' pictures on the "den" page.
The Barn and Pasture
The  "barn" started out life as a shop. When we puchased it, it had two stalls and a built-in workshop. We tore out the workshop, enlarged the entry door and added two more stalls. One neat thing - it's connected to the house via a breezeway so no more getting caught out in the barn during a Texas thunderstorm!