Donerail Farm
Dressage and Sport Horses

(and the cats who protect them)

A dedicated team of 6 cats keep Donerail Farm free from rodents.  (All neutered or spayed.)  Meet some of them here -- with more to come soon. 

Look closely - do you see Bubba cleverly camoflaged in the azaleas? Bubba, formerly chief rodent patrol officer for Donerail Farm, was promoted to Chief House Cat in 2003. He is enjoying his new position - which  mostly entails sleeping on my bed! :)

Bubba while he was still 'patrolling."
And a more recent photo of Bubba "in action."

This is Bubba's sister, Skeeter. She is now Chief Rodent Patrol Officer. She's a bit more serious about her job than her brother was, however, she, too, is a "people" cat and will pester you until you pick her up and hold her and pet her. 

This was Miss Kitty. Like all of Donerail Farm's cats, she was a stray who wandered up and chose to stay. She was a sweet girl who, I suspect, was deaf. She left one day as suddenly as she appeared. 

Bubba and Skeeter on the porch at the "Pink House." Skeeter is washing Bubba's ears, most likely because he's neglected to do it himself ("Boys!" Skeeter is thinking.)

And here's another splendid "action shot" of Bubba. 

This is Momcat. She is Bubba and Skeeter's mom. She wandered up one day and she was so tiny I did not dream she was old enough to be spayed. She was. ;)  Bubba and Skeeter are her only children. Being the sucker that I am, I couldn't bear the thought of separating them, so they've all lived at Donerail Farm since 1999.

Skeeter, ever the glamour puss, says, "I'm ready for my closeup now!"