Our barn did not start life as a barn. It was a large shop and had a built-in 'room' on one side. Previous owners had torn out part of the shop to put in two stalls. We tore out the existing structure on the other side and put in two more stalls. Unfortunately, due to its shape, there's a lot of wasted space. But it is connected to the house via a breezeway and that's nice. It also has a sink with hot water, which is another plus. And there is a lot of storage.

This is the front of the barn. You can't see it in the photo, but there is a breezeway that connects the barn to the house.

You can see the house from this shot and the original stalls.
The whole building is something like 40x42.

These are the original stalls. One is much larger than the other.
There is a sink on the far right just on the outside of the stall and
 it has hot water. That's something I never had before, but now it's something I don't think I can ever do without!

These are the two new stalls we build when we bought the place. First we had to tear out a separate room that was originally built into the large shop. I also left the stalls 'open' at the back (the sloping roof you see is a lean-to attached to the barn that we use for misc. storage) for better ventilation.

This is our feed area, which is actually just an open area that backs up to one of the new stalls.
There was a very small closed in feed room attached to the room we tore out because it was way too small. The feed area is a "U" shape with a large table you can't see on the right hand side. There is chain hung between the two metal posts that keep any errant horses out.