Donerail Farm
Faeryn passed the one-week milestone July 2 - in the middle of a heatwave. Had a bit of a scare one night because her respiration was very high and her temp was, too. I called the vet at 11 p.m.  and he said just watch her but that most likely it was due to the heat. We'd been having hotter-than-normal temps (heat index of 105-109 the past week) and were in a drought, with no rain for about the past month. Anyway, I got up several times during the night to monitor her respiration and temp and gave her spongebaths...fortunately the rains came the next week and by the time it got reallly hot again, she was dealing with the heat better. 

Click here for pictures at birth.

She isn't as downhill as this photo suggests! She's standing in a hole!

Splish splash! "All the books" say foals should not drink water
before they're about four months old,and that it is, in fact,
dangerous for them to do so. My last foal was drinking
water by about 2 months with no adverse affects. Faeryn
isn't actually drinking but she has lots of fun playing in it and
"scuba diving" - putting her face into the water up to the eyes!

Lisa and Faeryn have the same black-tipped ears.

Lisa is a vigilant mom. She gets really agitated
when our other horses even look at Faeryn! She
will circle Faeryn, driving her away from the fence.
Meanwhile, she
 pins her ears at the other horses,
awful faces. Normally Lisa is the absolute
bottom of the pecking order.

Check out those eyelashes! She was watching me as she nursed.

This is an "AHHH" photo if there ever was one! Brooke Cramton caught
Lisa and Faeryn lying down together in the round pen.