Goodbye, Muscatyr
June, 5, 1988 - August 23, 2001

Donerail Farm
Dressage and Sport Horses
DF Muscatyr
(Sibir Ibn Muscat X Jizaada)
Muscatyr in a festive mood. Photo by my friend Debbie Quinn.

Muscatyr at 6 months,and at right, at about 3 months.

 I purchased Muscatyr as a weanling, and aside from a few weeks of initial saddle training, I did all his training myself.

Muscatyr was a big boned, large and impressive horse for an Arabian. He was a full 15.2H, by the stick, barefoot.

He was fairly successful as a dressage horse, but that was not really his career of choice. So when he was 10 years old, he changed careers. He was much happier as an endurance horse. And I enjoyed getting out of the arena as much as Muscatyr did.. Muscatyr was my good buddy and we had lots of fun on our endurance rides. And we made a lot of new friends, too.

Muscatyr had emergency colic surgery in June, 1999, and for a while I thought I would lose him. But he came though surgery with flying colors, and was back under saddle within 3 months and never looked back.

Unfortunately, Muscatyr foundered in Feb., 2000 from a metabolic problem that we were never able to pinpoint, despite all types of tests. He recovered from the acute phase, but was forced to "retire."  He drew  "social security" and helped babysit Fling and served as Donerail Farm's official "greeter" until he was forced to leave us way too early. 

Read about Muscatyr's last day.

Muscatyr at the Armadillo Endurance Ride, October, 1997.

Career Highlights

Houston Dressage Society
Year End Reserve Champion, Training Level Amateur

Arabian Sport Horse Association
National Champion, Dressage Training Level

Mudde Creek Farms Dressage Show Series
Year-End Training Level Champion

Houston Dressage Society
Year End Reserve Champion, Training Level Amateur

Started and completed 12 limited distance, 25-mile endurance rides.
Two top tens; one in Sept., 1997 and one in Sept., 1998.

Completed the Texas Triple Crown in 1999, consisting of the Sandblast Ride in Athens, Montel Cliffhanger near Uvalde, and the Dry Creek Cattle Call in Gonzales.


Muscatyr at the Armadillo Endurance Ride, October, 1997.

Foxfire Endurance Ride, Sept, 1997; Muscatyr placed ninth out of about 30 

Muscatyr at one of his first horse shows, the Houston Livestock Show. He was 4 and it was 1992.



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