Donerail Farm

Sonnys Mona Lisa +/

aka "The Pregnant Princess"

June 21, 2005

Lisa is about 330 days pregnant in these photos. With her last foal, she went 345 days, and that was five years ago, when she was 11. I am told when they get older, they tend to have longer gestations. So maybe she'll have it on or around Fourth of July weekend - but maybe a few days later. She doesn't appear too terribly miserable yet, and she doesn't really look quite ready to have the baby. She looks pretty good for her age. Don't tell her, but once she's had her foal she has to go back to work!

The sire is Frohwind, a five-star Oldenburg stallion and this foal will be a full sibling to Flying Colorz (aka Fling), Lisa's 2000 foal. This will be Lisa's second foal. There's a 50% chance of it being a pinto. We, of course, are hoping like heck it has spots. I'll never forget when Fling was born. I was so excited to see those little striped hooves entering the world, 'cuz I just knew she was a pinto then! 


You can see she definitely bulges out more on one side than the other!  She really looks bigger in person than she looks in these pictures. Funny, I always heard the camera added weight! :)
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