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6/4/03 WOW! I didn't expect it so soon, but Brooke trotted Fling under saddle today! She was in raging heat and very sluggish when Brooke first got on her. Fling kept wanting to stop. I think she was saying to Brooke, "Please, do we have to do this TODAY?"  Finally, after thumping her good with her heels a few times (well, so much for worrying about how she will react when we put leg on her! LOL!) Fling finally got the message she had to ignore the hormones and focus on work. When Fling was nice and forward at the walk, Brooke had me gently wave the lunge whip at her as she circled around me, and Fling promptly struck off into a calm, rhythmic trot! I was able to stop jumping up and down with glee long enough to take the photos below:


Brooke Cramton, a local trainer, is riding Fling for the third time in this series of photos.. Fling manages an 'almost square' halt. Check out the "Britney Spears" saddle pad! Fling is, after all, a teenager!


Fling is just 15H at almost 3 years.. I really expected her to be bigger since dad is 16.3 and mom is 15H, but I don't think she's going to grow much more. That's ok, tho, since I'm only 5 feet tall.


Oops! I cut Fling's tail off. She's doing a nice forward trot here.

And at the end of the session, Fling gets a "good girl" pat from Brooke and about a half a box of sugar cubes from "mom." :)

5/27/03 A giant leap forward in progress this week. Brooke got on Fling in the 'big arena' and walked her around for 15 minutes or so. Fling was quite unconcerned and totally obedient - even managing a few perfectly square halts that would have made any dressage horse envious! She also was noticeably better balanced and didn't seem to be having any trouble compensating for the weight of a rider. Next week I'll take photos!

5/20/03 Fling 'breaks her maiden."  Brooke, the trainer who is working with her, quietly got on her and I walked her around the round pen. Fling pouted and made some faces but never gave any indication of doing anything naughty... but she obviously was having a difficult time dealing with her balance.. she looked a little drunk! I can't wait for next week's session!

5/10/03 Fling is in "kindergarten." She's lunging quietly with bridle and saddle, and is on her way to being started under saddle!

Fling likes her "room with a view." Flying Colorz (aka Fling) She can be a rascal sometimes, but when it comes to her "job," she is all business!
She'll be 3 years old on August 5, 2003. Hard to believe this was that wet bundle that landed in my lap. Seems like yesterday!