2010 Condo Remodel  -- 9/12/10 Update - ALMOST done

Aside from minor paint touch ups, hanging new blinds (WHEN they finally are delivered) and final thorough cleaning - it's about finished. But considering everything takes longer than you expect, that probably means another entire day's work....

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I purchased the condo in 1979, right after graduating from college. I lived there for four years, and thanks to Houston's oil bust in the early 80s, I owed more on it than it was worth when I got married in 1983, so I kept it and rented it. And it's been rented ever since. It's near the Med Center, actually right across the street from the shuttle parking for the Med Center and a block from the Metro Light Rail, so it's a good loation.

It needed some major updating. I completely remodeled the bath in 2005 and did a minor remodel to the kitchen in 2003. I enjoy do it yourself projects, but this is one of the biggest ones I've tackled in awhile. Well, I'm not doing the 'real' work, but I am the 'general contractor' and shopped for, bought, paid for, and carted all the materials to the condo. Note to self: When you buy 34 boxes of porcelain tile, that each weigh about 50 pounds, do the math and figure out how much it weighs before having the guys at Floor and Decor load it in your half ton truck. ;) THAT was a slow and careful trip and I don't think my truck has 'forgiven' me yet!

During this project,the first thing I did was have the oh-so-very 70s popcorn ceiling removed. Popcorn ceilings are truly hideous and they are almost impossible to paint. In addition, all interior doors are being replaced, tile is being installed in the bedroom, living and dining room, and all the old baseboards were replaced with new wide baseboards. All the light fixtures are being replaced, too. The entire condo is being repainted from top to bottom - literally, every square inch - new smooth ceilings, closets, pantry, laundry and linen closets, plus all the moulding around all the doors. Yours truly is the painter, and to date, I've used fourteen, YES, FOURTEEN gallons of paint on a 696 square foot abode! I did not originally plan to do it, but the kitchen cabinets looked pretty shabby once everything around them got repainted and updated. I can't afford to replace them right now - and they're in pretty good shape -- so I am repainting them bright white to match all the trim.. So far I've applied three coats of paint and I am guessing it will take two more. Here are some pics so far. The tile is all laid, but it is not all grouted yet. I didn't even bother to take pics of the kitchen yet, since the cabinet painting is 'underway.'  This project has pretty much taken over my life - I think I've put in about 60 hours so far -- but I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!

UPDATE: Next time it's vacant (and I have enough $ collected from rent) I am going to tear out tile in kitchen and entry and replace with tile to match the new tile, put in Silestone or granite countertops and possibly replace the base cabinets. The upper ones are in good shape but I am not sure the base cabinets would hold the weight of granite or Silestone countertops. ;)

Here's the bedroom 'before" with popcorn removed, but before ceiling's been 'floated.'

Here I'm trying to choose paint and tile. I went with the lighter paint and the lighter tile.

I painted all 140 feet of baseboards before it was installed.

Carpet and baseboards are gone, and tile is starting.

Making progress!

Construction is MESSY! And that honking big tool box is MINE. :)
Bedroom is DONE. The new six-panel doors are SHARP! There are 7 of them and it took an entire gallon of paint to do them.
Small 'hall' with new doors and paint complete.  And, you can see the nifty new light fixture.

Here's the bath with the new doors to laundry and linen closets.  They originally had small double doors, but we used single six-panel doors here too.
And here's the bath, which was previously remodeled. You can see the new linen closet and laundry closet doors in the mirror. I caved in and bought a new light fixture in nickel silver to match all the other fixtures/doorknobs, etc. Mike put it in for me, but I haven't had a chance to get new pics.  I

This is the kitchen "before" (with last tenant's 'stuff')   And "after.  You can also see WHAT a difference the new pantry door made. The cabinets took FIVE coats of paint! And I realized somewhere along the line my tenant changed the faucet for some reason. I THOUGHT I had bought a nicer faucet than that when I did updating five years ago! LOL!          
And  the other side of the kitchen "after."  And the dining room with new light fixture, new tile and baseboards. I got enough tile to replace the kitchen tile to match - but that will have to wait until I collect some more rent money and build up the 'condo kitty."

And here's the living room. New blinds are coming for the patio door and I need to paint the hearth - I painted the facing brick, but there is candle wax all over the hearth that I have to melt and somehow remove before painting. My dad put those shelves in 31 years ago! EEEK! They were rough cedar to match the 'mantle' over the fireplace. I painted the fireplace brick when I still lived there, but left the mantle cedar. this time around, everything got painted white.