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Introducing Faeryn!

Lisa's baby was born Sunday, June 26, 2005.

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Just born!

June 26, 2005

What a surprise. I really didn't expect Lisa to foal until around July 5, since that would have put her at 345 days, the same gestation period she had with her first foal. I checked her last night and could tell by the color of her milk that she was getting closer, but didn't think it would be today - and certainly not at 6 p.m.! Mike and I had gone to a movie and gotten home and I went out to get Nanja to ride. Fortunately just today we had started putting Lisa in a paddock by herself during the day. When I went to get Nanja, I saw Lisa lying down in the round pen. I went to investigate and could tell she was in labor, but couldn't tell how long it had been going on, or even if her water had broken yet. I immediately ran to put a call into the vet, and fortunately my longtime favorite vet, Dr. Knape was on call. I then went back out to move Lisa to the barn. When she got up, she was dribbling fluid and I knew it was showtime!  I just had enough time to wash her up and slap a bandage on her tail before she went down into hard labor. It was touch and go there for awhile - Lisa was not making progress with just feet and the nose visible... and when I tore the sac from the foal's nose that was poking out, I could see its tongue was hanging out and blue. It was also unresponsive when I stripped the fluids from its nostrils. Since when Fling was born, her nostrils immediately started flaring, I thought the foal was already dead. I called Dr. Knape again since Lisa  just wasn't making progress.  She would get up and down, but after 30 minutes, the foal was pushed no further out than the feet and its nose. I was afraid she'd given up (some mares do in the middle of labor).  Now, all the foaling books you read tell you NOT to try and pull the foal from the mare. But in this instance, Dr. Knape agreed with me, that she'd gone too long with no progress and it was time to get the baby outta there. So he instructed me to grasp the foal's legs and "give it the old heave-ho... and pull straight out".... and miraculously, the foal slipped out easily.  He said its shoulders were probably just hung a little in Lisa's pelvis... and even better... it was alive!! Not only alive, but incredibly alert and healthy! Whew! And although I wanted a pinto, I got my second choice -- a bay filly with four white socks. Now we just need to name her!

The sire is Frohwind, a five-star Oldenburg stallion and this foal is a full sibling to Flying Colorz (aka Fling), Lisa's 2000 foal.  


 One tired little girl!
Watch video clips of baby's first steps and more!
Thanks to Brooke Cramton for manning the digital camera and getting great shots of  our little filly's first hour in the world!

Baby's first steps!  (All the video clips  are slow  downloads for dialup)
Lisa, the ever-practical girl, thought the hay I scattered in the foaling stall
was an all-you-can-eat buffet..she knows it's important to

 eat whenever you can... ... still eating  (oh, and you can see the baby too!)

Mom and daughter